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Q: Is this Apple’s Mapgate? A: Yes. Q: It is? A: Most certainly is. Apple released a product which in its very first day didn’t have the coverage of Google Maps, which took about eight years to get here: Q: You’re exaggerating. Google Maps has the best user experience of any…

Do not Disturb Feature iOS6

Do not Disturb Feature iOS6

Time to sleep well.

Thoughts on Apple Maps: Its the Data Stupid

  After 5 years Apple has replaced google maps to their own maps. Google always updated their Android app but never update the iOS Maps app I used it for a while and here are my thoughts Speed: Google Maps on iPhone was bitmapped graphics, what it means is when you zoom in or zoom […]

Apple avoids temptation of jetpack design

Apple avoids temptation of jetpack design

  • They pick one feature
  •     … that the market is familiar with
  •     … and they do it better
  •     … then they let you know about it

Soda Ban in NYC explained

Remember this when you go to NYC and order Soda (Venti in Strabucks)

Love Story in 22 Pictures, Grab tissues before clicking

Love Story in 22 Pictures, Grab tissues before clicking

Gangnam Style