Thoughts on Apple Maps: Its the Data Stupid


After 5 years Apple has replaced google maps to their own maps. Google always updated their Android app but never update the iOS Maps app I used it for a while and here are my thoughts


Google Maps on iPhone was bitmapped graphics, what it means is when you zoom in or zoom out the whole page refreshes making it extremely slow when network is low. Apple has replaced it with Vector based so its fast (Similar to what Android has)

Turn by Turn Navigation:

Awesome. No more GPS needed. It works even if you closed the app and locked the screen. I always had a problem not being able to know the street name while driving at night. The App shows you the name of the street coming so it make it easier and simple.

Places and Location:

There is no way that the location data on Apple Maps is as good as googles. But its just matter of time. The more people use maps the more apple gets. So say 2-3 months apple would have enough data (this data previously went to google). As they get they can improve the experience.

Cons: Cant Zoom out:

There was no way to zoom out and see the whole route. You have to manually touch overview to get a full look. I guess this is more user experience issue that could be fixed.

Bottom Line:

For iPhone users who used google maps this is a huge difference. As far as i know the people using it should like it a lot . Its just matter of time before apple makes it as better as googles


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