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Q: Is this Apple’s Mapgate? A: Yes. Q: It is? A: Most certainly is. Apple released a product which in its very first day didn’t have the coverage of Google Maps, which took about eight years to get here: Q: You’re exaggerating. Google Maps has the best user experience of any…

Do not Disturb Feature iOS6

Time to sleep well.

  After 5 years Apple has replaced google maps to their own maps. Google always updated their Android app but never update the iOS Maps app I used it for a while and here are my thoughts Speed: Google Maps on iPhone was bitmapped graphics, what it means is when you zoom in or zoom […]

Apple avoids temptation of jetpack design

  • They pick one feature
  •     … that the market is familiar with
  •     … and they do it better
  •     … then they let you know about it


Remember this when you go to NYC and order Soda (Venti in Strabucks)

Love Story in 22 Pictures, Grab tissues before clicking